By virtue of visiting this Site,, you are consenting to the following Affiliate Policy, which was last updated on May 01, 2023. Manovana’s Inc. (“Manish Ahuja”, “Manish”, “Paycheck to Profit”, “PayToPro”, “PaycheckToProfit”, “the firm”, “the team”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is committed to providing you with a high-quality experience when you visit and all Sites that are operated by us, including social media accounts (collectively the “Sites”) and/or purchase products through affiliate third-party links (the “company” or “companies”) on the Sites. Please use the information contained in this Affiliate Policy to make choices about how you interact with the Sites and third-party affiliate links. By choosing to use the Sites, including all materials presented herein (“the content”), participating in services provided by Paycheck to Profit, and/or purchasing products through affiliate third-party links are all subject to the Terms and Conditions (“terms” or “agreement”), Privacy Policy, Affiliate Policy and Disclaimer. Changes to the Sites, the Content, the Services, the Products, the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Policy and Disclaimer may be made at any time without notification. Your continued use of the Sites constitutes your acceptance of these changes or modifications regardless of whether or not you choose to periodically review them.

Affiliate Links
The Sites contain affiliate links to products or services that the firm has used and/or feels confident recommending to the clients, readers, subscribers and followers.

If you click on a link to a product or service, and you are taken to a third-party Sites, a tracking code may be used that results in a small paid commission to Paycheck to Profit should you purchase that product or service.

Although not all links are affiliate links, please assume that if you click on any link on the Sites, and it takes you to a third-party site where you can purchase a product or service, that Paycheck to Profit may financially benefit.

Affiliate Disclosure
Paycheck to Profit only promotes products or services that the team has personally used and/or feels may deliver value to their clients, readers and followers. The firm would recommend these products or services even if they weren’t an affiliate link and if the firm did not receive a paid commision.

Paycheck to Profit strives to be transparent to its subscribers, clients, readers and followers and makes every effort to disclose if the firm financially benefits from recommended products or services.

Please assume that all links on the Sites are affiliate links in which Paycheck to Profit may receive a small commission should you purchase a recommended item.

Affiliate Policies
The price of the product or service remains the same for you whether you choose to purchase through an affiliate link on the Sites or not.

Occasionally, Paycheck to Profit may provide a coupon or discount code. If you choose to use this code, you may pay a cheaper price if you purchase a product or service through a link provided on the Sites. Paycheck to Profit may still earn a commission if you choose to use the coupon or discount code.

Paycheck to Profit does not get paid to write blog posts promoting a product or service nor does the firm accept free or discounted products in exchange for a review, recommendation, or promotion. Paycheck to Profit only shares links to products and services that are in concordance with our own experience, knowledge and opinions.

In case of any exception(s), a disclaimer/ notification will be provided accordingly.

In most cases, the firm has personally used these products or services and found benefit; although, the firm cannot guarantee that you will enjoy these products or services or gain benefit.

Affiliate Relationships
Paycheck to Profit has no control over the third-party companies that you purchase products or services from; therefore, the firm releases all liability regarding the delivery of these products or services.

Paycheck to Profit does not have any financial interest or ownership in these companies and does not benefit financially, outside of commissions, should you purchase from these companies.

Should any questions, concerns, or problems arise with a product or service purchased through a third-party affiliate link they should be directed toward the company or site that the item was purchased from.

Changes to Our Affiliate Policy
The contents of the Affiliate Policy can and will change over time. This Affiliate Policy was last revised on May 01, 2023. If changes are made, the revision date will be updated. No other notification of modified terms or policies will be provided. It is your responsibility to review the Affiliate Policy periodically and be aware of any changes. Your continued use of the Sites constitutes your acceptance of these policies regardless of whether or not you choose to periodically review them.

Contact Us
If you have questions regarding this information, or if you desire to reach us for any other reason, you may do so by using our contact page.

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